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How It Works

 The ITEX trade exchange allows you to buy and sell products & services using barter dollars, instead of cash dollars!

How Does Your System Work?

Most businesses who join a trade exchange have excess product or services they can sell. For example, if you are a media company you might have ads or air time you can sell. Restaurants have empty seats to occupy, hotels have rooms to rent, and hair stylists, repair companies and attorneys have appointments to fill.

By joining a trade exchange, not only can you attract ‘trade member’ customers to your business over your competitor (because they can spend their trade and save their cash), but they in turn will also bring their ‘cash paying’ friends and business associates if they love your work. A ‘win – win’ situation for you.

How do I spend my Barter Dollars?

A common misconception is that you have to trade whatever you have for what the other person is offering. And if the seller doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for it doesn’t work.

A professional trade exchange solves that problem!

By earning trade dollars into your ITEX account, you are free to spend them for any of the products and services that are offered within our membership- allowing you to save your cash and spend your ITEX on the things you need for your life and business.